Choosing windows for the children’s room

Aug 2015

You should always keep in mind that the environment in which children are grown up plays an important role in their healthy and safe development. Your children should ideally have their own rooms, which are an oasis of safety and comfort. Apart from appropriate furniture and lighting, safe windows are one of the key elements of the children’s room. Our company offers guidance on the solutions available on the market that are worth to be taken into account when designing the room for children at a specific age.

Windows for the room of a new family member

Health and wellbeing of a newborn are crucial for the baby’s parents, as they ensure appropriate conditions for harmonious development. The proper windows will help you create an optimal climate in your child’s bedroom.

The window features that parents should particularly take care of include:

Energy saving

By choosing energy-saving windows with the minimal thermal transmission value U, you will prevent the room from losing heat and provide optimal temperature.

Humidity and fresh air supply

Opening the windows in the newborn’s bedroom when the weather outside is awful may be hazardous to the baby’s health. That is why a window with a humidity-sensitive air inlet might be considered a good solution. Thanks to the automatic adjustment of the room’s humidity level, the air inlets provide the fresh air flow without the need to open the windows.

Noise protection

It is good to have windows with high Sound Reduction Index R if your house is located next to a busy street or railroad. The higher the R value, the more effectively the window muffles the noise from the outside, thus guaranteeing quiet and comfortable sleep for your child.

Windows for a young adventure seeker

Beginning from the age of 2, it is recommended for children to have their own room. An individual bedroom contributes to the improvement of the child’s concentration and stimulates creativity as well as eagerness to learn. A place out of parents’ sight, however, is the perfect venue for trying new things that are not necessarily safe for the little adventure seeker, too. The older the child is, the more interested it is in the unknown, in particular in the multi-coloured world outside the window.

A window with proper fittings will both protect your little one against various hazards and ensure the peace of mind for you.

Key lock handle

Buying PVC windows equipped with a key lock handle from our offer will protect your child from the danger of opening the window and falling out.

Imperishable glass panels

An appropriately reinforced glass panel perfectly withstands the child’s activities. Equipped with a multi-layered structure on the inside, our protective glass panel will not break even when hit with a hard object.

Easy to maintain

Parents of young children are aware of how creative their offspring can be. Both window panels and frames are for them perfect places to demonstrate artistic skills. Fortunately, PVC windows are easy to clean. The parent will be able to immediately wipe off the work of the little artist without damaging the window frame, even if the child uses it as a canvas for painting or drawing with pencils or markers.

Ensuring privacy for teenagers

Small and helpless children need your protection and safety. Teenagers, however, prefer more privacy and an own room designed to their taste. The unique window design will provide visual quality and highlight the individual character of the space.

Teenagers who are striving to find their own personal style will surely appreciate colourful profiles. OKNOPLAST has in its offer five basic wood-like colours and a broad selection of non-standard colours of window profiles, ranging from classic brown, through bold yellow, red and green, to elegant indigo.

This enables you to create an interesting composition, both with the façade of the building and with the interior, which is of prior importance for the demanding taste of a teenager. The bold colours of the customer’s individual choice can be applied e.g. only to the interior of the window, and may be matched with the colours of furniture and accessories chosen by your teenager.


Nevertheless, designing and arranging a children’s room is a difficult but enjoyable task. It is worth taking some time to make yourself familiar with the offers of window manufacturers. While choosing the right product among a variety of solutions available on the market, high quality should always take priority. When it comes to the windows for a children’s room, you should bear in mind that your offspring grow up and their needs change, but a functional, well-matched window can serve for a lifetime.

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