We debunk myths about PVC

Nov 2019

PVC sections yellow and become damaged

There is no evidence that PVC becomes damaged over time. Today’s PVC contains titanium dioxide, which ensures full immunity to UV radiation.

PVC is sensitive to solar radiation, which may cause cracking

The truth is that cracks may form on a PVC section, however it only happens when the material used to manufacture it was processed too many times or the layer applied was too thin. At Oknoplast, we use only new or high-quality recycled PVC conforming to the highest industry standards.

PVC windows may increase the risk of fire inside the building

PVC is an inherently fire resistant plastic, the only exception among the generalpurpose plastics. How is that possible? The main component of PVC is salt, which is highly resistant to fire.

PVC contains dangerous compounds

Not really. The Norwegian Green Building Council states in its documents that PVC sections do not contain heavy metals or any other compounds harmful to health.

PVC cannot be reprocessed

It’s not exactly the case. Laboratory tests show that PVC can be reprocessed even by conventional methods and used for manufacturing different useful products like traffic cones, garden hoses or floor mats.

PVC is not strong enough

OKNOPLAST uses highly-engineered, steel-reinforced PVC profiles, ensuring significantly improved structural strength compared to poor quality PVC profiles.

PVC production is harmful to the environment

PVC is one of three types of plastic that emit the least CO2 and consume the least energy in production. There is good potential to reduce these emissions and energy consumption even further with new technology.

PVC does not ensure good insulation

PVC windows have more than good insulation properties. Since PVC contains no organic materials, the window is resistant to rain and provides good insulation under any weather conditions.

PVC can only be made of oil

Today’s PVC is produced with 45% oil and natural gas – the rest is just common salt. However, the oil and natural gas can be replaced with renewable resources, like ethylene or ethanol, which is the objective of the European window industry leaders like OKNOPLAST.

Keeping PVC clean is hard

Although it is important not to use bad window cleaning products (for example: a dishwashing detergent could damage the window), PVC windows are very easy to maintain. You need no sandpaper or wire brush, all you have to do is to wipe the window with a damp cloth.

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