PSK & PSK-Z: Functionality and thermal efficiency guaranteed

Oct 2019

The process of creating a dream interior can be divided into many stages. The decor should go hand in hand with functional window joinery and perhaps appropriately selected shutters that offer privacy and protection from solar glare. In the plethora of difficult decisions, the choice of a patio door may seem like a detail, however, it is certainly a part of your project worth paying attention to. Therefore, the PSK system patio doors may prove a great solution.

 Poor selection of patio doors brings with it several unobvious consequences, starting with the difficulties in operating a large and heavy sliding panel. It may also be problematic if the patio door isn’t airtight and leaks air – and with it, heat. Equally important is the thermal efficiency (U-value) of the model – not only the windows have an impact on maintaining the optimal temperature in the room.  It’s unfortunate if a low-quality patio door an energy drain for our newly built energy-efficient or even passive house. There are many seemingly similar products on the market. Of these, it is worth paying attention to the PSK and PSK-Z tilt & slide patio doors from Oknoplast.


Clever design, easy handling

Both models – PSK and PSK-Z are tilt-and-slide structures, thanks to which they can be opened without taking up space. For this purpose, a special hardware mechanism was used to allow the sash to be extended into the room, and then moved to the side – even as wide as 1.6 m. The door can also be tilted to provide adequate air circulation. They occupy much less space than in the case of structures that swing open, and their handling does not require much force. The PSK hardware allows for manual movement of the leaf, while the PSK-Z is equipped with a special control handle, which allows for even easier tilting, opening and closing of very heavy doors.

The PSK sliding doors come in three basic opening variants:

  1. Double-panel – where the wing moves onto the left or right fixed panel.
  2. Triple-panel – where the central wing moves onto the left or right fixed panel.
  3. Quadruple-panel – where the two middle wings move over to the sides to leave a large opening in the middle.


More warmth, light and design.

The PSK and PSK-Z doors are characterized by very favourable thermal insulation parameters, which means that they provide effective protection against cold and overheating of the room. Depending on your preferences, the two models can also be made in different Oknoplast window systems. In the case of PSK-Z doors, they’re available in all Oknoplast systems. Choosing slender, designer profiles that allow you to provide more light to your home, or even guarantee passive standard thermal insulation will not be a problem. It’s also worth noting that the PSK systems are not only limited to patio doors. They’re a great solution for saving space when they take the form of sliding windows – may be a good idea for the kitchen.



Functionality and security do not have to be expensive

One of the best advantages of PSK and PSK-Z doors is also their favourable price-quality ratio. These doors are a great alternative for the price of popular HST (Lift & Slide) solutions. What’s more, the PSK-Z doors enable the installation of a double-sided handle with a key insert, thanks to which they can perform the function of an additional entrance door, while ensuring effective protection of the house. This patio door can also be equipped with anti-burglary solutions, guaranteeing the security of your home.

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