What are the benefits of replacing windows?

Aug 2015

In Autumn, we usually perform inspection on our windows in terms of utility value. You should check their condition not only to avoid later expenses related to damage caused by the cold weather in winter, but also because improperly maintained windows are one of the main causes of heat loss in the house.

An investment with a quick return

Even if you choose windows with standard parameters, their replacement in the entire house is still a substantial investment. In case of energy-saving windows, the cost usually increases by approx. 20%.

This, however, is an investment with a quick return. Newly installed windows will ensure to protect your home against heat losses and improve the comfort inside. On the other hand, appropriate glazing units with good solar factor will occasionally allow you to acquire free heat energy from sunlight and use it to support your heating system.

Effective improvement of thermal properties can efficiently reduce heating bills by up to 50%, as well as improve the overall comfort of your home. Installation of new windows with a lower thermal transmission (U-value) reduces the amount of heat energy lost throughout the house. However, these are not the only benefits, since apart from lowering your heating bills, you will also contribute to the protection of natural environment from greenhouse emissions.

Key properties of energy-saving joinery

You have a possibility to reduce heat losses and therefore save money by installing energy-saving joinery. Windows currently available on the market are of different quality, price and visual properties. However, each window has a profile (also called the section), a sealed glazing unit and fittings. These are the elements you should pay particular attention to. Another important issue is the correct installation of the windows, as it ensures that they will maintain their utility value for a long time.

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