OKNOPLAST backs the innovative architectural project Mieszkamy na Odrze (We Live on the Oder)

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Dec 2015

Modern civil engineering often takes a playful approach to form and design. At the same time, the life of big cities is increasingly moving towards the rivers that flow through them. The combination of those two trends gave birth to a remarkable initiative: Mieszkamy na Odrze (We Live on the Oder). Taken by the innovative and visionary character of the initiative, OKNOPLAST decided to become the strategic partner of the project..

What is the Mieszkamy na Odrze (We Live on the Oder) project?

Mieszkamy na Odrze (We Live on the Oder) is a bold example of adapting modern architecture to one’s dreams and needs. The project intends to build a floating house on the Oder riverbank – the first in Szczecin and one of the first in Poland. It will become a new landmark on the city map, and might become a showpiece for Szczecin. The house will be moored to Grodzka Island on the side of Łasztownia Island, behind the city marina bridge. The location is perfect, as it is close to the city centre and surrounded by the greenery of the island.

How will the floating house be constructed?

The house will be built from components and assembled on the launching site. One of the components will be the energy-saving Aluhaus glazing panels from OKNOPLAST Group. The total completion time from placing the order to launching the floating house is 3 months. The house construction is to start at the beginning of 2016. The building will not require permanent connection to any power or water utilities, and will thus be able to move freely and moor anywhere. The building will be inhabitable all year long, and the possibility of changing its position towards the sun will reduce energy consumption.

What makes the Szczecin floating house special?

The floating house, built as part of the Mieszkamy na Odrze (We Live on the Oder) project, is not only an unusual structure, but also a whole new social and cultural format. According to the originators’ intention, the house, through its formula, will be a place open for culture and visitors. “An undeniable asset of our project is the benefit that it will bring to the citizens of Szczecin. The house will host the Artist Residency Programme, as well as periodic concerts, conferences and exhibitions, e.g. promoting local artists and creators,” says Patryk Paluszek from the NGO Na Odrze (On the Oder), one of the originators of the Mieszkamy na Odrze (We Live on the Oder) project.

New idea, new tools

In order to bring this remarkable initiative to life, its creators decided to use new technologies. They are collecting funds for their dream via the www.wspieram.to crowdfunding platform. The crowdfunding campaign will end on 13 December, and the prize for contributors is a free-of-charge weekend in the floating house. Every person that backs the project financially will receive a discount for a night on Airbnb, as the floating house will also serve as a hotel for Polish and foreign tourists.

OKNOPLAST is the strategic partner of the house on the Oder

OKNOPLAST representatives spotted the project on the internet. As a trendsetter and the creator of a number of innovative solutions in the window industry, our company eagerly joins various innovative undertakings in the field of construction and design. This is why OKNOPLAST decided to become the strategic partner of the Mieszkamy na Odrze (We Live on the Oder) project. With windows from OKNOPLAST Group, this unique structure will enjoy plenty of sunlight. The foundation chose our products due to their outstanding technical parameters, including the wind resistance of the structure, which is particularly important for projects of this type and the selected location.

Our company also backed the project financially. “We hope that our support will contribute to the development of innovative architectural technologies and the social and cultural goals set by the originators. This refers mainly to broadening the knowledge of energy-saving construction solutions, as well as promoting minimalistic architectural and design solutions,” says Magdalena Cedro-Czubaj, Director of Marketing at OKNOPLAST.

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