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Mar 2013

CNN International, one of the largest TV stations in the world, recently visited the offices of OKNOPLAST. CNN chose OKNOPLAST due to the spectacular success of our company in European markets. Oknoplast is one of the five largest and most dynamically growing manufacturers of PVC joinery in Europe. The material was prepared by Richard Quest, one of the most renowned economic journalists in the world.

The “Marketplace Europe” programme presents companies from the European Union or neighbouring countries. The CNN crew chose OKNOPLAST because our company exports nearly 60% of its production volume to EU countries. What is more, despite the economic slowdown, in 2012 the company reached a turnover of PLN 382 million, which was a 12% growth year-on-year. During the shoot, the crew interviewed Chairman Mikołaj Placek and took a closer look at the production lines. The journalists were interested in the ideas for further growth of the leading European manufacturer of PVC windows.

The material was prepared by Richard Quest, who has been dealing with economics for nearly 30 years of his career. He has been working for CNN International for 10 years. Since “Black Monday” in 1987 Mr. Quest has reported on the most important business events, such as the introduction of the euro currency, and the last commercial flight of Concorde.

An important segment of “Marketplace Europe” is so-called “Facetime”. In the segment, the directors and chairpersons of the most successful companies are introduced. Interviewing the main figure of the programme – Mikołaj Placek – Richard Quest was particularly interested in the company’s strategy for growth in times of economic crisis. Mr. Quest wanted to know our opinion on the current situation in the industry and the prospects for business during economic turmoil. He was interested in our viewpoint, our strategy as a company that, despite the deteriorating economic situation in Europe, is still doing well and growing. “In order to succeed in the current economic climate, we have to offer better quality of products and be more flexible than our competitors,” said Mikołaj Placek, Chairman of the Board of OKNOPLAST.

This was not the first time OKNOPLAST was featured by a renowned foreign TV station. In April last year, BBC World showed a programme titled “Working Lives: Krakow”. The BBC journalists showed one day in the life of Mikołaj Placek. The crew shot in the company office and in production halls.

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Contact forthe Press

Piotr Kuciapski
Specjalista ds. PR p.kuciapski@oknoplast.com.pl +48 600 040 448
Dorota Piejko
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