Glass panels

Advanced coatings significantly improve the energy balance of the entire house, increase the durability of the glass panel, ensuring the safety of the user and also improve the transparency of the window, thus increasing the comfort of use. The 1-, 2- and 3-chamber sealed glazing units are manufactured in-house, which gives us full control and allows us to eliminate even the smallest defects. The materials used in the sealed glazing units guarantee durability.

Safety glass panels

Safety glass panels reduce the risk of burglary and ensure the comfort of the inhabitant. Safety glass panels include:

P2 and P4 class sealed glazing units with a specially reinforced structure, keeping the glass panel in place even when it is broken.

P2 sealed glazing units - glass panels combined with a layer of protective film that reduces the risk of injury.

Tempered glass panels with improved resistance - if broken, the glass will shatter into hundreds of small, blunt shards, thus reducing the risk of injury.

Ornamental glass panels

Glass panels with various patterns that let in daylight, but protect the intimacy of the inhabitants. Often used in bathrooms or front doors. Additional thermal insulation properties reduce heat loss and prevent the staining of curtains. Optionally, the glass panels can be made in a sound absorbing version to reduce noise from the outside.


Chinchila brown


Delta Mat

Kura colorless

Kura brown

Mastercarre white

Masterligne white



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