Mosquito netting – efficient protection against insects

Aug 2015

We like opening our windows wide in the summer to enjoy the sunlight and fresh air. This exposes us to many annoying insects, though. Mosquitoes, wasps or flies may cause a significant nuisance. Insect bites leave burning traces on the skin. They usually heal quickly, but can sometimes trigger an acute allergic reaction that poses a threat to our health or even life.

A mosquito netting installed in the windows is a simple and efficient solution to protect your home against insect invasion and its consequences.

Protect yourself effectively

Made from top-quality light rolled aluminium tape with a thickness of 0.6 mm, mosquito netting frames by OKNOPLAST are prepared for installation on the profile frame. The netting is produced of PVC-coated fibreglass with a mesh size of 1.2 mm x 1.2 mm.

Maintaining appropriate air circulation and an unobstructed view from the window is enabled by the mesh size that still efficiently prevents insects from entering the room.

The choice which is always right

Our mosquito nets are made to measure. They can be ordered together with your new windows or at any point after installation. Make sure to specify which window openings you would like the netting on, we’ll do the rest.

You can install mosquito netting in all Oknoplast window systems. The construction can span a maximum area of 2.5 m2. The netting installed on balcony doors is provided with additional reinforcement in the form of a transom placed on the netting’s axis.

Trouble-free installation

To install the mosquito netting there’s no need to drill in the window frame. You can easily and securely attach it to the window frame without the necessity of using an expert installer, with the use of special mobile catches that do not damage the window structure. This installation method guarantees that the mosquito netting will effectively protect your home against insects on hot summer days, and will be easy to dismantle for the winter or spring cleaning.

Experience and appropriate tools are required only for the installation of sliding mosquito netting on patio doors. In this case, it is better to get the netting installed by a specialised crew.

Perfect visual quality

You don’t need to worry that the mosquito netting will affect your window’s appearance. Bearing in mind how important the visual quality of the product is for our clients, OKNOPLAST has taken extra care to guarantee an attractive design of the netting and a wide range of available colours. In our offer we have mosquito nettings with frames not only in white and brown, but also in golden oak, walnut and mahogany, to ensure the perfect matching with the colours of your window.

The frame profiles are provided with powder-coated paints that makes them resistant to weather conditions. That is why you do not have to worry about a possible discolouration caused by sunlight or rain. OKNOPLAST also gives you a choice of netting colours: you can select either black or grey.

Easy to maintain

Our mosquito netting does not require much maintenance. If you want to extend the life of the netting, though, you should dismantle it before winter and wash it. We recommend washing the netting in lukewarm water and washing-up liquid. The clean and dry product can then be stored until next summer.


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