What you need to know when choosing balcony or terrace windows

Aug 2015

Appropriate natural lighting of the house and impressive views at the same time are provided by large glazing, contributing to the improvement of mood and wellbeing of the user. Optical enlargement of the living room is achieved through large terrace windows and doors. Therefore, we recommend considering special technological solutions to enable the installation of window joinery with large glazing at the design stage of a new house.

The optimal use of surfaces around the terrace or garden doors is provided by the HST lift-and-slide door, or the PSK tilt-and-slide door. The doors open in a more space-saving manner, which provides extra space in the living room by eliminating the traditional opening of the sashes. Thanks to their technologically advanced mechanisms, you don’t need much force to open the sashes.

HST lift-and-slide door

The HST door is an advanced solution that enables the installation of very large glazing panels. The maximum width of an HST door reaches over 6m, while the clear opening can be up to 3m wide. This solution makes it possible to install functional glazing with the largest possible surface area of 13.8 m2. The stability and light operation of the system is guaranteed by the most advanced lift-and-slide technology. The HST door can be optionally fitted with an aluminium threshold overlay that makes it easier to cross the threshold in a wheelchair.


PSK tilt-and-slide door

The PSK tilt-and-slide door is an alternative solution, particularly applicable for terrace or garden doors. Thanks to special fittings, sashes up to 1.6m wide can be opened easily. The passage clearance then reaches even 1.5m in width.





More natural light means a better mood and lower heating bills!

Through the large glazing areas solar rays may enter your home in a higher volume. Sunlight has a positive effect on our wellbeing and provides us with a boost of energy. During a sunny winter, you can effectively use your glazing to enhance the heating of the building, which in the long run can reduce your heating bills. The use of large glazing on the southern side of the house can improve heating efficiency in winter. This solution is even more effective if used together with roller shutters that protect your home against heat in the summer, and in winter pose an additional barrier against heat loss in the room.

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