PVC windows

One of the most important questions of any construction projects is – what windows and doors to choose? When looking for the best windows for your home or business, it is worth taking inspiration from the latest trends in the window and door industry to find that perfect solution. As a prominent European industry leader, Oknoplast sets market trends worldwide. Its designers have been winning the trust of customers for over quarter of a century, first in Poland before expanding to the rest of Europe and even as far as USA. The Oknoplast design team is working to constantly raise standards in quality and design, searching for innovative solutions, making Oknoplast products the definition of modern windows.

PVC or uPVC windows – both terms are often used – are among the most popular in the Irish market due to their affordability. PVC windows, doors and many other construction products are distinguished by their durability and ease of maintenance. High quality PVC windows and doors can also offer excellent thermal efficiency and a beautiful appearance.

This is, in part, what makes Oknoplast unique – triple glazed windows are offered as standard for the Irish market to combine style and performance, raising the bar for all windows in Ireland. In modern home interiors, the amount of daylight entering through windows is responsible for the feeling of coziness and a positive mood. Therefore, the most fashionable windows today are those with large glazing and a narrow, slender profile. We achieve this with our uniquely engineered frames and most advanced tilt and turn window technology available on the market. Meanwhile, energy efficiency is a feature of the entire Oknoplast collection. The Winergetic range contains some of the best passive windows in Europe, whereas the Pixel and Prismatic systems incorporate stylish, designer profiles perfect for any contemporary, A-rated building (overall U-values below 0.9 W/m²K).

Oknoplast consultants will not only help you choose the best PVC windows for your project, but will often surprise you with the capabilities of our technology. Our picture windows, becoming very popular in modern Irish homes, can reach remarkable sizes, while our tilt and turn windows will help you think – and dream – bigger.