Europe’s first window strength tests using an airplane

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Apr 2015

On 23 April in the Polish Aviation Museum in Krakow, a special press conference was held during which OKNOPLAST Group presented their latest window system – Prolux. Both the presentation of the innovative product, whose name can be understood as favouring the light, and the formula of the meeting were truly spectacular. The main attraction of the event was the first window strength test in Europe (and probably in the world) with the use of a historic PWS-26 airplane.

A new era in door and window joinery

The choice of the site of OKNOPLAST’s conference titled Fans of Space was not a coincidence. What the Prolux window has in common with aviation is space, which everyone values and many see as a synonym for luxury. Another reason was the harmony between the minimalistic, modern design of one of Poland’s most acclaimed structures, and the visual quality of OKNOPLAST products. Following the less is more principle, for more than 20 years our company has been providing innovative products with unique design and top quality that have set new standards for the industry.

Years of experience have taught us to listen to the market and stay one step ahead of its expectations. We were the first to introduce more than 30 innovative solutions, such as the SpaceBlock technology and the 4Xglass sealed glazing unit, which have gained recognition among Polish and foreign clients. Being a pioneer is a commitment, and therefore I can now safely say that today we are opening a new era in the window industry: the Prolux system – more light in your home!” said Mikołaj Placek, Chairman of OKNOPLAST, greeting the guests.

What makes Prolux special?

Prolux – more light in your home!

Prolux is yet another innovative solution from OKNOPLAST combining all of the crucial elements of a modern window: maximum daylight, excellent design and outstanding thermal insulation, noise protection and anti-burglary parameters. The new window is distinguished, among other things, by the larger glazing panel and leaner PVC profiles, which increase the volume of natural daylight entering through the window. The innovative system is the first product of this type on the Polish door and window joinery market. The impact of the volume of daylight on our wellbeing was highlighted by psychologist Karol Łojek from the TVN television network:

“The impact of sunlight on physiological and mental processes is hard to overestimate. Whether or not we are greeted by a ray of sunlight in the bedroom in the morning will determine if we approach the day with joy and a positive attitude, if we are happier and more patient with other people, and if we succeed in our jobs.”

Furthermore, with more heat passing through the window, Prolux improves the energy balance and reduces the energy required to heat the room.

Innovative design

Prolux has a unique shape designed by OKNOPLAST, inspired by the earlier line of Platinium windows, but with a much more minimalistic and modern feel. The window, which is available in Sheffield Oak colour, is the answer to current architectural trends, where light and space are crucial. This was confirmed by independent experts.

“The current trends in architecture aim at ensuring the most harmonious connection between the exterior and the interior of the building. This is achieved by very large glazings and using the smallest profiles possible, which significantly improves the wellbeing of the user and the visual quality of the interior,” said Dariusz Dygutowicz of DDD Architekci design office.

The advantages of the new system were also highlighted by the Italian industrial designer, Giuseppe Bencivenga. In his opinion, minimalistic design is now a key feature in new buildings: “I believe that one of the key elements of window joinery design has been and will be ensuring maximum daylight volume in the room. We live in urban areas, where light is hard to come by. Having a window that would pass much more light is a significant advantage.”

Advanced ProLight fittings

The Prolux system is equipped with ProLight fittings, which are the latest generation of Winkhaus window fittings. The tilt & turn sash has the “FOUR Seasons” tilt adjustment function, which increases the comfort of airing the rooms throughout the year. The ergonomics of the new fitting makes the window lighter in everyday use and lends it a modern, aesthetic appearance

Top level tests

Despite the leaner window profiles, the technical and utility parameters of the Prolux system are top class.

“The structure of the latest window system from Oknoplast enables the use of sealed glazing units: safe and burglary-resistant, including 2-chamber units. Furthermore, the window features a proprietary bent steel reinforcement which ensures the rigidity and stability of the structure, while making it possible to design very large windows,” said Grzegorz Bułat, technology manager at Oknoplast.

The guests took part in an unusual presentation that confirmed the strength of the Prolux window. The tests made it possible to verify in practice the strength of the new system in terms of resistance to wind load and noise, and thermal insulation. The most exciting part was the test with the use of the historic PWS-26 airplane, which was the first such test in Europe and probably in the world. On the second testing site, equipped with a sunlight simulator, the guests could verify the window in terms of the heating up of the window structures. The third tests, which took place in a special testing chamber, consisted in checking the Prolux system parameters in terms of water resistance and air permeability according to the PN-EN 14351 standard.

At the end, the guests had the opportunity to see the excellent collection of the Polish Aviation Museum during a tour of the most important exhibits.

Prolux is a proprietary design of OKNOPLAST, protected by two patent applications, inter alia, related to the position of the reinforcing steel in the sash. Prolux windows have been available since April. The windows are covered by a 7-year warranty.


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