Window fittings – what do you need to know?

Sep 2015

The basic types of fittings are locks, hinges and handles. If properly selected and adjusted, these elements determine the full functionality of our windows, allowing their smooth opening and trouble-free closing. Unless the fittings work properly, even the best parameters will be quite useless. Thus, it is worth making time for learning more about them.


First and foremost – what are window fittings?

Fittings’ main role is to maintain tightness, opening, closing and tilting of window sashes or doors. They are also responsible for window safety and anti-burglary protection. The handle is one of the key elements used to change the position of the sash. Nowadays, the most often installed fittings are multi-point locking fixtures, placed along the entire perimeter of the sash. When the sash is closed, the fixtures press it evenly to the frame, which ensures tightness and prevents deformation of the profile.


The way our windows open is determined through the type of multi-point locking fixtures. There are two types you can choose from: turn-only fittings, which allow normal opening of the window, and tilt fittings, allowing only for tilting the sash. A solution that comprises fittings combining both functions, i.e. tilt-and-turn fittings, is, generally speaking, considered the most convenient.


Fittings designed for special purposes

Apart from the window opening and closing, the fittings also provide anti-burglary protection and access to fresh air without unlocking the sash.

Mushroom striker plates and intelligent security cams are used as key elements of fittings with improved burglary resistance. The striker plates are installed either in each corner of the window or along the entire perimeter, depending on the desired safety class. A Secustik handle and an anti-drill plate in the fittings are also responsible for efficient safeguarding against burglary. The above measures ensure protection against drilling through the bolts fastening the handle and its pin. You need to bear in mind, though, that fittings providing real security solutions against burglars entering your home should achieve at least class RC1 per European norms – this is standard in all our windows.


Comfortable airing all year round

Micro-ventilation is another function provided by advanced fittings, which allows you to unseal the window to let a minimal stream of fresh air into the room. Thanks to this feature, you can air your home without making it cold. Our product Winkhaus ProLight fitting, offered together with all our systems, sets an example of such a solution. The “FOUR Seasons” multi-step tilt regulation system provides four additional tilt positions of the sash. This guarantees 6 tilt positions of the sash in total, which enables precise adjustment of the air exchange throughout the whole year. You are no longer constricted to micro-ventilation, which is often not enough to provide fresh air in the room, or full tilt, which may drain too much heat during the colder days.


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